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Thank you for taking the time to apply to Augusta University. Please feel free to check your admissions status anytime to ensure you meet required deadlines for your specific admissions classification or program. The status of your application will be available once we have processed your application form and application fee. Please allow adequate time for your information to be input into our system. Please note that applications and documents are processed in the order they are received and are input into the system based on the postmarked or electronic delivery date.

The application status check system is applicable for all freshman, transfer, and non-degree seeking students as well as applicants to the College of Allied Health Sciences, and The Graduate School. In addition, applicants to the Student Training And Research (STAR) Summer program and the Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) can access information through this portal. Applicants to The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University, the Medical College of Georgia, Nursing or the Physical Therapy program should refer to their specific admissions website for more information regarding how to verify their status.

Attention Prospective Freshman:

All prospective freshman applying should check their application status through our new applicant portal!

For more information regarding the admissions requirements or process, please select the appropriate link:

Academic Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions)
The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University Admissions
Medical College of Georgia Admissions
SEEP (Student Educational Enrichment Program)
STAR (Student Training and Research Program)

For any additional information or specific questions, please contact the Office of Academic Admissions at 706-737-1632.